kat-52013Hi there. As you may have noticed, this website is old and not responsive. I’m not currently taking on new projects, but have left this site up mostly for myself, as an easy reference to some of my older designs (all or most are pre-web 2.0).

Graphic design is in my blood. My grandfather owned a printing company and my father worked there, so as a kid I grew up surrounded by paper and metal type, the sound of printing presses, and the smell of ink. I loved it and have worked in the industry ever since, transitioning with technology into the world of pixels and all things digital.

Twenty years ago I began working as a freelance graphic designer, helping clients bring their visions to life— creating and producing web design, book design, packaging design, brand identity, signage and more.

The greatest percent of my work nowadays is web-related, specifically WordPress site design. I collaborate with my longtime programmer Steve and together we create websites that are both beautiful and functional.

Whether a simple blog design, a new banner to freshen up your existing website, or a full e-commerce web design, we can put together just what you’re looking for. We specialize in clean, custom sites which you can self-edit if you’d like to.